5G innovation program: Uelzen district awarded contract

As part of the 5G innovation program of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), the district of Uelzen has received approval for implementation funding. The project is called "5G in agriculture". The new 5G mobile communications standard opens up a wide range of applications and business areas. Higher data rates, new frequency ranges and shorter latency times are just some of the functions with which the standard expands the possibilities of the mobile internet. However, there is currently a lack of specific areas of application, particularly in rural areas, although the new standard will open up enormous opportunities here. With the possibility of implementation funding, the district of Uelzen now has the opportunity to implement and test the concept developed over the past year and thus make the corresponding local potential visible. The aim of the project is to test on trial areas how irrigation can be optimized in terms of irrigation quantity and timing through the use of 5G. A database will be created in which data from various sensors, agricultural machinery and other sources will flow together and be processed directly in order to derive an irrigation recommendation, which in turn can be passed on directly to the irrigation machine. Also involved in the project is the Institute for Sustainable Irrigation and Water Management in Rural Areas (INBW) of the Faculty of Construction, Water and Soil at Ostfalia University in Suderburg. In addition to the university, the consortium for the three-year project includes the technology partners Agravis Raiffeisen AG, comcross GmbH & Co. KG, Lünecom Kommunikationslösungen GmbH and the start-up company Vitrum GmbH. The project is part of the digitization strategy that the district has set up to proactively shape the digital future in the region.

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